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Parties request a nullity suit against PM mayor Laura Fernández

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A nullity suit has been filed against Puerto Morelos mayor Laura Fernández by those objecting her recent electoral victory.

Parties of Morena, PT, PRD, Movimiento Ciudadano and PES filed a nullity suit against the PRI and the Green Party claiming electoral irregularities during the July 1 elections. The parties have written four letters, which were sent to Karla Mirem Ortega Ramírez, president councilor of the municipal council of the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo (IEQROO) in Puerto Morelos.

The letters state that due to corruption and irregularities, a nullity trial has been requested for the recent electoral process adding the election was flawed with inflated ballot boxes, stolen ballot boxes, abuses and lack of police support.

Juan Pablo Aguilera, the Morena-PT alliance who was a mayoral candidate, said that they will demonstrate that many elements of the electoral process were violated, noting that it will be a long process before a final decision is issued.

The group says they do not recognize the triumph of Laura Fernández who contended in an alliance between PRI, Verde and Panal, adding that they have proof including photos and videos of the crimes committed, which will be added to the investigation.