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Parking meters for Playa not decided

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Playa del Carmen mayor says that a decision on whether to install parking meters in the municipality has yet to be decided.

Municipal President, Cristina Torres Gómez, reported that the municipal government has completed their Urban Mobility Plan and that now, the study will be reviewed to find possible solutions to various problems including traffic congestion.

Part of the study involved various experts who offered different proposals that could help solve issues related to vehicular and pedestrian traffic at peak times in the downtown area as well as other parts of the city.

“We must study the solutions point by point to see what actions can be taken and if we are able to implement them. Then we can work together with the private initiative which will be in the long term, because not everything can be carried out in an immediate way,” she explained.

She also said that now is not the time to be alarmed as to the use (or not) of parking meters, since it will be the study of mobility that determines the feasibility and solutions. This study will also take into account other forms of transport including motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians among others.

“We must make the right decisions, always listening to the citizens and seeking what is best for Solidarity. Based on that, we will present the respective proposals,” said Cristina Torres.

On the subject of parking in the central area, she indicated that there is not enough land to provide the service of dedicated parking lots, so it is important to analyze other alternatives such as strengthening public transport and reducing the use of private vehicles.