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PAN says survey shows Mexican’s no longer want PRI

This year’s electoral board will be different than previous years as it will include a variety of different parties.

National Action Party (PAN) President, Gustavo Madero Muñoz, says that for the first time in Mexico’s history, 10 parties and independent candidates will run for office, consisting of two strong parties, two medium and two or three smaller ones.

Muñoz explains that this year, PAN is the only other party that will be able to compete with the PRI in the upcoming June 7 elections.

“This situation might occur again in 2018,” Muñoz said. “Many believe that Andrés Manuel López Obrador will rise from the ashes and will become the same person he was in 2006 or 2012, but I think he would need to be in alliance with Ricardo Anaya.”

He says that now, PAN works differently. “We aren’t who we were in the 2000-2012 administrations, which were the worst moments for PAN.”

Muñoz explains that the removal of State coordinator, Ernesto Cordero, was not due to internal issues inside PAN, but was the result of varying opinions on what is best for the party, stating, “Everyone represents a different institutional position.”

PAN held its internal elections on Sunday to choose candidates for Baja California Sur, Sonora, Nuevo Leon and San Luis.

As PAN party president, he explains, “The party is well aware that the national president has the competency to appoint a coordinator he can trust to lead and coordinate with parliamentary groups and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Chamber of Deputies, Ricardo Anaya Cortés, says that due to the left-wing crisis, the upcoming elections will be led by the PRI and PAN. He adds, “PAN will obtain good results on the June 7 elections, which will lead to getting Mexico’s presidency back in 2018.”

He also added that according to current surveys, Mexicans no longer want to be ruled by the PRI.

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