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Packages of marijuana found on Puerto Morelos beach

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A package containing six kilograms of marijuana was found on the beach at Puerto Morelos.

The package was discovered around midnight Sunday by federal police when they were doing a routine beach walk. Police say they made the discovery on a beach between the Excellence Hotels Rivera Cancún and Casa Alegría.

The package was wrapped in black plastic which inside, contained four large packages of marijuana.

The discovery is part of the state’s Titan Operation that began earlier this year to fight crime and drugs.

The federal police seized the drug packages and transferred them to the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry. The drugs will eventually be destroyed.

In March, a random inspection at a Playa del Carmen parcel company turned up over 13 kilos of marijuana.

Also in March, nearly 300 kilos of cocaine were discovered off the coast of Puerto Aventuras by the Mexican Navy when someone reported seeing a sunken boat. During an underwater search for bodies, divers found the stashed cocaine.