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Owner of the Blue Parrot linked to organized crime

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – One of two Canadian owners of the Blue Parrot has been linked to a Montreal organized crime ring.

According to Montreal newspaper La Presse, the Blue Parrot is owned by two Quebecers, one of which is 39-year-old Grégory Sénécal. La Presse says that Mr. Sénécal was reportedly seen in the company of gang leader Gregory Woolley, who is one of the main individuals arrested and charged in the wake of Magot-Mastiff.

Magot and Mastiff, which was referred to as the most powerful criminal organization in Montreal, was taken down by more than 200 police officers during a drug trafficking investigation in 2015.

Magot and Mastiff were a joint organization that consisted of the Mafia and Hell’s Angels. During that November raid, then 43-year-old Gregory Woolley was charged with a murder plot.  Mr. Woolley continues to be held in custody accused, among other things, of gangsterism and conspiracy with former Hells Angels warrior Maurice Mom Boucher to assassinate Raynald Desjardins in a plot of murder.

The newspaper also reported that in addition to being seen in the company of gang leader Gregory Woolley during the Magot-Mastiff investigation, Mr. Sénécal was reported to have been observed with individuals linked to organized crime during visits to Éclipse du Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), specializing in the monitoring of bars in the evening and at night.

Robert Bélanger, a Quebecker who runs Los Tabarnacos in Playa del Carmen, was quoted as referring to Blue Parrot second owner Benoît Lamy as, “A good father who has lived here for several years, with his wife and their children.” He added, “I’ve lived here for seven years, and there are no wars between the cartels, no murders like to the north, near the border with the United States. There is drug as everywhere else, but no more.”

During the January Blue Parrot shooting, five people were killed and at least 13 injured.


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