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Overturned trailer responsible for accident that injures four

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — An accident along the Tulum federal highway at Felipe Carrillo Puerto has left four people seriously injured and nearly half a million in damages.

A large trailer that overturned along the highway in the night hours resulted in it being hit by a vehicle that left four injured. Reports say that a truck collided with the trailer on the highway after the overturned trailer crossed all lanes.

Photo: Policía Federal

Due to speed and nighttime vision, the driver of the truck was unable to stop in time after noticing the trailer blocking the entire highway. It hit at an impact that caused it to leave the highway and overturn.

Other motorists reported the accident, which occurred several kilometers before the community of Chumpón.

Police and medical personnel arrived. The federal highway was closed for more than three hours due to the detachment of the trailer, making it impossible for vehicles to pass. The four injured were from the truck and were all taken to hospital in Tulum. The driver of the semi reportedly fled the scene.