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Over 500 wild birds seized from private home

Mexico City, D.F — The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) said they recently discovered more than 500 wild birds meant for illegal distribution throughout Mexico.

After a citizen complaint, Profepa responded in coordination with members of the Ministry of Public Security of the Federal District. They went to the suspected home where they found 535 wild birds in captivity.

The birds were discovered in a private home that was being used as a storage center in a part of Mexico City. Profepa staff requested documentation from the homeowner to prove the legal origin and status of the birds, however the owner was unable to prove his legal possession, which has led to legal proceedings.

Profepa seized all 535 of the caged birds. In total they confiscated 200 parakeets, 20 parrots, 15 toucans and a large variety of 300 songbirds including northern mockingbirds, goldfinch and painted buntings. Two species of the birds found in his possession, including the toucan, are on the country’s threatened species list, while the parakeet, painted bunting and goldfinch are under special protection in Mexico.

All of the birds were sized, transferred and set free in the wildlife reserve at the Center for Research and Conservation of Wildlife located in Reyes la Paz, in the state of México.

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