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Old CFE wires, poles at Puerto Morelos coming down

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The removal of the old-style overhead electric wires and poles are in the process of being taken down throughout Puerto Morelos in order to update the main central area of the town.

The transformation of Old Town of Puerto Morelos continues with the removal of the aerial wiring belonging to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). The electrical system has been replaced by CFE with a new, modern underground system.

Ignacio Sánchez Cordero, Secretary of Public Works and Services, says that CFE personnel began to disassemble the high and medium voltage electrical wiring, and now, only the low voltage remains.

It will remain intact over the weekend to service businesses, then on Monday, that wire will also be removed.

“We accommodated the request of business owners who asked us to make the change Monday, rather than over the weekend, to avoid power cuts since they anticipate a busy tourist weekend,” said the municipal official.

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Puerto Morelos

Sánchez Cordero explained that it will be sometime next month when they will begin to remove the poles. Once finished, the Old Town will have a new look and greater electrical security in the event of a hydrometeorological storm.

“This is strategic work of the municipal government in which state-of-the-art technology is used to provide a world-class destination…giving it an infrastructure of quality,” he said.

Sánchez Cordero noted that the conversion to a more modern look and updated infrastructure has so far, been a 20 million peso investment, adding that people of Puerto Morelos can take advantage of the updates by using optic fiber for phone, cable and internet connections.