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Officials say Solidarity is ready for hurricane season

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – In preparation for the upcoming hurricane season, the municipality of Solidaridad will begin distributing the more than 15,000 leaflets that have been printed for citizens in the event of a hurricane.

Starting next week, municipal officials will begin handing out the emergency leaflets that detail what to do in the event of a hurricane. The leaflets also contain venues for local citizens to attend public talks on hurricane preparedness.

Civil Protection director, Jesús Puc Pat, says that aside from the 3,500 informative posters that have been placed around the city of Playa del Carmen will be the 15,000 leaflets.

He explains, “Next week we will begin public meetings in the sports domes, but his week, we are going to schools and visiting with the students so they can take this information home.”

While hurricane season for the country officially begins June 1, the upcoming electoral ban prevents municipal officials from handing out any leaflets. Pat says, “Our hands are tied” but that they will begin publicizing the preventative actions as early as Monday, once the Sunday, June 5 elections are complete.

He added that this year there are 12 sub-committees activated that each have a specific task assigned to them such as print and electronic media communication as well as social networking. To date, Pat says that Solidarity has 42 temporary shelters ready for use in the event a hurricane hits the region.

The National Hurricane Center is reporting the formation of 13 tropical systems for the Gulf of Mexico, with seven being tropical storms and four being hurricanes, with the addition of two possible intense hurricanes.

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