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Officials clarify no alcohol law for Cancun, Riviera Maya

Cancun, Q.R. — Sunday July 1 marks voting day across the country. In lieu of the occasion, a dry law has been put into effect, which means the sale of alcohol is prohibited for up to 72 hours prior to election day, depending on the state.

In the state of Quintana Roo, federal officials have clarified that restaurants in Cancun and Riviera Maya located inside the tourist zones are able to sell alcoholic beverages to customers who order food.

The move came after nearly 12,000 restaurants voiced their concern of the lack of potential sales during a weekend, something that would have affected more than 33,000 employees.

The Secretariat of Finance and Planning says that the dry law is supported by the General Law on Electoral Institutions and Procedures, which indicates no alcohol sales 24 hours before the elections.

They add that the law will not apply to tourist areas as long as the alcoholic beverages are sold with food. At a local level, this means customers eating in hotel zones can order alcoholic beverages, however, in the state capital of Chetumal, the law has not been bent to accommodate restaurants.

In Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, restaurants located within the hotel zones can serve alcoholic beverages during the dry law period to customers who order food.

Mayor of Solidaridad, Samaria Angulo Sala, warns that they will be heavily monitoring businesses while the dry law is in effect.

“We are carrying out operations and reviews to avoid the clandestine sale of alcoholic beverages. Establishments are going to be reviewed a lot. The restaurants of the zone along Fifth Avenue can sell as long as it is together with food.”

In Tulum, the same rule will apply. Eduardo Cisneros Paredes of Tulum city council says that the establishments along the coastal zone will also be able to sell alcoholic beverages during the dry law period as long as the customer orders food.

There will be a fine for businesses who do not comply with the law, he said, adding that there will be surveillance and coordination with the Public Security police.

Only establishments located in the coastal strip that offer food are authorized to sell alcoholic beverages, he clarified.

To maintain order and peace during the Mexico political elections, a dry law has been imposed across the country beginning the first minute of Saturday until the first minute of Monday. The official election day is Sunday July 1.