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Official extradition request for Borge sent to Panama

Cancun, Q.R. – An official extraditon request has been sent from Mexico to Panama for ex-governor Roberto Borge.

The Directorate of Judicial Investigation that arrested Roberto Borge in June explained that he is being held in Renacer Prison, in the middle of the jungle surrounding the Panama Canal.

Panamanian Foreign Ministry, in charge of the process, who requested anonymity, confirmed that a formal request for the extradition has been issued by Mexico and that Panama is in the process of reviewing the procedure.

The Superior Court of Appeals of the First Judicial District of Panama arrested Borge June 4 and was ordered provisional detention for 60 days, “For the alleged commission of the crime of operations with resources of illicit origin,” explained the Panamanian Judicial Branch.

He added that the judicial decision was taken in accordance with article 525 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which states that “the competent judicial authority … may order interim detention for the purpose of extradition … for a term of 60 days within that the requesting state shall formalize the request for extradition and comply with the requirements set forth in this code.”

This is linked to the Extradition Treaty between the Republic of Panama and the United Mexican States.