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Numerous infrastructure projects confirmed for Solidarity in new year

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo — The mayor of Solidarity, Mauricio Góngora Escalante, says that there are numerous infrastructure and social benefit projects scheduled for Solidarity for next year.

One of the many new infrastructure projects planned for 2016 is the construction of 32 new sports domes in and around Playa del Carmen. Most of the new domes will be built in educational institutions.

Góngora Escalante said that even with current social programs, some of which include the 50 million peso paving project for Ejido south, the new public spaces for the colony of Cristo Rey, the installation of digital traffic lights and the development of a urban park, the sports domes will be added to the list of social infrastructure.

He explained that applications have already been submitted to the federal authorities for the approval of resources for infrastructure work next year. This includes the interconnection road at Cristo Rey with the universities. Part of the approvals included the authorization for a total of 32 new multipurpose domes.

The work for the domes will begin in January 2016.

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