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Nuevo León hit hard by Fernand

Nuevo León, Mexico — Numerous areas of Nuevo León were hit hard as tropical storm Fernand, which eventually downgraded into a tropical depression, made landfall along Mexico’s northeastern coast Wednesday.

The passage of the storm through Nuevo León left rivers overflowing while generating landslides and completely submerging roadways. The storm created chaos in several municipalities of the state.

State Civil Protection reported that 30 homes near the Cieneguita Canal were evicted and the area cordoned off due to a landslide. All residents of that area were safely relocated since they expected rains to continue.

In the municipality of Iturbide, large rocks were falling onto roadways from high-up slopes which were being removed by members of state Civil Protection.

Foto: Agencia Reforma

Civil Protection of Monterrey shared images of people being rescued from city streets that had turned into rushing rivers, making walking impossible for many. They also rescued a man who was trapped near the Santa Catarina River due to the high water levels.

Civil Protection reported the rapid rise of the El Capitan Stream in San Pedro Garza, which they say, reached 100 percent capacity and was on the verge of overflowing. The Topo Chico and La Talavema had already reached 80 percent capacity before rains intensified around 5:00 p.m.

So far, no deaths have been reported.