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Norwegian Cruise ship freed after running aground off Bermuda

A Norwegian Cruise Line cruise ship carrying nearly 3,500 passengers  ran around just off Bermuda. The incident happened Tuesday not far from the British island.

The cruise line said that a rising tide helped free the ship, pushing it into deeper water after it was stuck for nearly 6.5 hours. Even after being freed, the ship dropped anchor and waited for an inspection for damage.

All 2,443 passengers and 1,059 crew members were fine. “All guests and crew are safe and there were absolutely no injuries,” a company statement said.

The cruise line had set off, bound for Boston on Tuesday when it hit a reef and ran aground after experiencing a temporary malfunction I the steering system. The company said from this, the ship was forced slightly off course.

Rachel Hansen, a cruise ship passenger from New Hampshire, explained, “We definitely felt it. We were in the middle of eating dinner … There was a shudder for maybe 30 seconds to a minute and then there was a sudden stop.”

She and her family went with others to the top of the ship to see what happened.

“We had crew members running around in a panic, and we felt like we had to panic,” she said, adding that overall, the majority of crew members reacted calmly and quickly.

As the hours passed by, cruise passengers eventually settled into their even routine as the ship’s entertainment kept shows as planned.

The Norwegian Dawn was on a seven-day, round-trip cruise to Bermuda, where it spent three days in port.

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