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No plastic bag campaign hits Cozumel

Cozumel, Q.R. — A new “No Bag Please” campaign is hoping to bring awareness to shops and tourists about the impact plastic has on the local environment.

Initated by Promotora Ambiental, the campaign began this week to discourage people from using plastic bags, primarily targeting branches of supermarket chains that have a presence in the city.

This is the first effort in a city of this size where they receive more than 3 million tourists per year mostly through various cruise lines. Promotora Ambiental is hoping people become aware of the affects plastic has on the environment; that trashed plastic bags end up, not only in landfills, but also on the beaches, in centoes, wetlands and the jungle.

Alfonso Enrique Gomez Teniente of Promotora Ambiental says talks are also being given to school students about the harmful impact plastic has, showing how marine animals often mistake floating plastic for food and once eaten, causes death.

While he did not have an exact figure as to the amount of disposed of plastic for Cozumel, he did say that Mexico has a whole disposed of more than 400 million tons of plastic each year. In place of plastic bags, he says recyclable material will be promoted instead.


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