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No drug cartels in Cancun or state says minister

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun is not a red light city when it comes to security, nor does it operate drug cartels said the Ministry of the Interior.

Alfonso Navarrete Prida, head of the Ministry of the Interior, says that although there has been an increase in the number of homicides in the country, including Quintana Roo, neither the state nor the city of Cancun is a red light concern in public matters of security.

“Quintana Roo is not a red light concern in terms of security. Yes, there was an incident that had to do with a company and the managers of the company that provided a service and the PGR is finishing investigating it, but fortunately it did not result in fatalities and was an incident that cannot be circumscribed as related to a drug cartel in Quintana Roo.”

He says that Cancun does not operate drug cartels, but cells, and that the homicides are used by criminals as a form of intimidation toward authorities.

He added “There is no such thing as drug cartels, there are cells that have tried to penetrate an important place with great tourist and economic potential. We do not have the presence, as such, of a cartel that can manifest itself in the territory of Quintana Roo.

Navarrete Prida acknowledged the increase of violence in the country where there are attempts by cells to establish themselves in some communities, which are probably related to a cartel, “but there is no settlement of a cartel, I want to make that clear.

“These homicides that have been registered by cells of criminal groups are one of many forms of intimidation toward authority and they must be fought and presented to the Judge, which has been done.”

He added, “If we measure bimonthly against bimonthly, we do not have a bimester with a large number of violent crimes, homicides.”

He stressed that operation Titan Shield is yielding results, but will be improved with details released in coming days.