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Night diving in Riviera Maya still restricted

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Companies that offer night diving in the region are hoping that by summer, restrictions will be lifted.

Members of the Association of Providers of Aquatic Services hope that before the summer, the Harbor Master will reactivate the activity of night diving after the suspension that was applied on March 15th.

Alfonso Torres, president of Association of Providers of Aquatic Service, says that the maritime authority ordered them to create an operation manual for night time diving, which they are working on with the union members.

“The maritime captaincy is waiting for us to present an operations manual of how the activity is carried out. We need to analyze and adjust for the resumption of activities.

“We need to fulfill procedures of night time diving such as report where you are going, how many people you have, what time you are going, flares that you wear, what radio is working, how likely you are to have a support team,” explained Alfonso Torres.

Although they have not recorded any mishaps, he said the creation of the manual is for prevention. They have not experienced any recent financial losses since it is a low-season he said, adding that there are approximately 20 boats that offer night time diving.

However, financial losses were recorded in March when the Port Captaincy made the announcement, since it was a week before Easter high season.

“I am already working with partners to expand the information. In fact, we are proposing that the schedule be extended (…) we are going to put it in a well structured document and we are going to meet with Harbor Master to analyze it,” Torres added.

He says that in the daytime diving activity have a current rate of about 70 percent with a large presence of North American, European and South American tourists.

The municipality of Solidaridad is in the process of creating regulations for day time diving in Riviera Maya cenotes.