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Nigerian voters set go to polls March 28

A voting date for March 28 has been set for Nigerians after political authorities continually postponed the official day of election.

With only two major candidates at an even 42 percent split, thePeople’s Democratic Party (PDP), which has led Nigeria since the return from military rule in 1999 and the All Progressive Congress(APC), a two-year-old party, many Nigerians feel there is no good choice to be made.

Election choices are between Muhammadu Buhari, a hard-nosed former military leader whose focusing on tighter security and anti-corruption measures and current president, President Goodluck Jonathan. Buhari is noted for his election contention in 2003, 2007 and 2011.

Local Nigerian, Oluwaseyi Adepoju, considers himself a political man but says he will not be participating in the upcoming 2015 elections, citing he lost faith in Nigeria’s political system a long time ago.

He has no qualms about pointing to a mark on his forehead, saying the clearly visible scar was from the 2011 elections.

Adepoju recites the events saying, “This was from the butt of a gun.” He explains how during the 2011 elections he was approached by political men with “envelopes” in an attempt at perusing people to cast their votes in a specific direction. When  Adepoju refused to be bought, his was attacked and beaten in the street.

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