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Nigeria elections deemed successful

The results from Nigeria’s Saturday’s general election are scheduled to be made public Tuesday.

While the general election has been deemed successful, it was not without its logistical challenges.

Washington-based National Democratic Institute (NDI), who observed more than 100 polling stations said “no significant disenfranchisement was observed on election day”.

Nigeria’s Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), which was set up more than a decade ago with the end of military rule, said the recent elections “afforded Nigerians a credible opportunity to exercise their right to vote”.

Based on the finding from 1,500 monitored polling stations TMG said, “Late delivery of materials, a slow accreditation process and the inability of card readers to consistently validate voter’s fingerprints posed some challenges,” adding, “These issues did not systematically disadvantage any candidate or party.”

Given fears of violence between the closely campaigning President Goodluck Jonathan and former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari, the African Union Election Observation Mission (AUEOM) praised the conduct of the polls but urged political parties to go to court to resolve any disputes.

The West African bloc known as ECOWAS said the elections met the “criteria of being free and transparent”, despite “pockets of incidents and logistical challenges”.

AUEOM said Saturday’s election process was “conducted in a peaceful atmosphere within the framework that satisfactorily meets the continental and regional principles of democratic elections.”

Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission is expected to begin releasing state-by-state presidential results on Monday.

In previous elections, some of the most serious incidents happened during the counting process rather than on polling day.


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