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New water network mega-project will connect all of Cancun

Cancún, Q.R. – A large water network project by Aguakan will see the city of Cancun fully connected.

The large mega-project in poligono 7 sur is being constructed in conjunction with the Municipal Secretariat of Public Works and Services. When complete, the additional network of pipes will connect just over 290,000 more city residents.

Lourdes Salgado, communication coordinator of Aguakan said, “In Benito Juárez we have been able to provide 100 percent coverage in drinking water for a few years. The next step is to increase the length of the network with the aim of increasing our distribution capacity for the benefit of our current customers and being prepared for the constant demographic growth of the municipality.”

The enormous project, which will drinking drinking water to thousands of homes, is an urban development plan being carried out at the height of the Cancun International Airport, covering the region of Huayacán avenue until the junction from the road to Merida.

The first stage of the work involves laying more than nine kilometers of pipe buried three meters deep in an open-pit method which will maintain the flow and distribution of water. The investment for stage one is nearly 57 million peso.

Total cost for the project is 81.5 million peso and includes more than 13 kilometers of iron pipe that will see the city’s current connection with the new additional network. The first stage of the project, which has just begun, is expected to be complete around the end of February 2018.