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New US President candidate Marco Rubio prepares for campaign

Steps are being taken toward launching a presidential bid by Florida Republican, 43-year-old Marco Rubio. Rubio is asking his top advisers to begin preparing for his campaign, plan his all-important travel to early-voting states and get on the bandwagon with fundraising.

Approximately $50 million will be needed for Rubio to run in the Republican primaries. With American Crossroads finance director, Anna Rogers, at the helm, raising money should not be a problem as the conservative group, which was started by Karl Rove, raised more than $200 million over the past two elections to help elect Republicans.

As of February 1, Rogers will become the finance director of Rubio’s presidential campaign. With his first public political discussion set for January 24, a final decision for his future will be made in the upcoming weeks; however aides say his schedule resembles more of a president’s than of a senators’.

Rumor has it that this next week will see him campaign for fundraising throughout various parts of California, including Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Rancho Sante Fe and Beverly Hills.

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