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New university route road expansion planned

Playa del Carmen, Q.R — A new road from Playa del Carmen subdivisions to Avenida Universidades will see quicker travel times and less traffic congestion.

The opening of Sayab Avenue will benefit local residents as well as 70 percent of the university population reported the director of Infrastructure and Public Works, William Conrado Alarcón.

The municipal official said that with this project of the interconnection of roads will be able to reach the Avenida Universidades from the zone of subdivisions in 10 minutes which will allow traffic to vent.

“We will expand the road simply because we have the sector of Cristo Rey, which is where the boys are studying and most live in Las Flores and Villas del Sol, which right now, all of them have to go down to the federal highway and go up the CTM or the Constituents, which they will be able to do directly from the university to their home ten minutes. And also, we hope that Tucsa creates a student route that comes from the university to the Ave. Constituents that will greatly alleviate the traffic so that people have better mobility and better travel time.”

Conrado Alarcón also indicated that the residents of Flores Mission, Villas del Sol, Real Ibiza and Las Palmas will benefit from the road interconnection program.