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New tourist tax to help with beach, reef recovery

Cancún, Q.R. — A new tourist tax is expected to be put into place soon for those arriving to the region by air. Officials are expecting the additional fee of $20 USD per person to generate nearly two billion peso per year. The additional money collected from the new tax will go mostly toward state beach recovery.

Rocío Moreno Mendoza, coordinator of Cabinet of the Government of Quintana Roo says that the new tourist tax will be a pilot project for the country starting with Quintana Roo. If the tax is feasible, he says the federal government will replicate it at the national level.

Moreno Mendoza explained that the additional resources from the tourist tax will go toward maintaining and restoring beaches and that the money will be allocated through Zofemat.

Cancun Hotel Association president Carlos Gosselin Maurel says that the new trust will have multiple benefits. In addition to beach rescue, he says that the additional money will help cover the development of the coastal zone as well as maintenance, social development and recovery of the reef.

Marisol Vanegas Pérez of Sedetur noted that all municipalities in the state will be included in the new tourist tax collection, which is expected to take effect within the next two months.