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New tourist complex proposed for Akumal

Akumal, Q.R. — A new development project for the town of Akumal has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

The tourist project, Construction and Operation of the Nikte-Ha Tourist Complex in the Coastal Zone of Akumal, would be in collaboration with the Ecological Center of Akumal to avoid interfering with sea turtle nesting.

Project promoter NEGTUR, presented the Environmental Impact Statement before the General Directorate of Risk and Environmental Impact, which reports to Semarnat. The tourist complex would be a total area of 909 square meters with 169 square meters being building, and the remaining area, green space.

The complex, if approved, would be built along the Yalku Caleta Access Street, Mza. F, Akumal, Beach Area in the Municipality of Tulum.

The Nikte-Ha Tourist Complex would be an investment of approximately 12 million peso.