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New tourist air tax for those arriving into Mexico

Cancún, Q.R. — A new tourist tax proposal for those arriving into Mexico by air will benefit the state of Quintana Roo, says the Consejo Nacional Empresarial Turístico (CNET).

The proposal for the collection of a new $20 tax for the use of tourism infrastructure was created by National Business Tourism Council (CNET) and taken over by the Federal Ministry of Tourism, which proposes that Quintana Roo be the first state to apply the new tax.

José Chapur Zahoul, vice president of CNET says that the $20 USD tax imposed on foreign travelers visiting Mexico by air would favor Quintana Roo widely, as it is the state that currently captures the largest volume of foreign passengers at the national level.

He explained that the amount of the proceeds would be administered by the federal government, but with close monitoring of private initiative, seeking greater transparency and imposing a proportional distribution, that is, granting more resources to the states that make the greatest contribution through the collection of this tax.

CNET’s VP said that one of the many uses for this additional money would be for the reinforcement of security in the tourist municipalities, since at the moment, the budget that is assigned to the states and city councils is insufficient to address the problem of the insecurity. He notes that the problems of insecurity are not exclusive to Cancun or Acapulco, but generally affects the entire country.