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New tourism ombudsperson proposed by parliament

Cancun, Q.R. – A member of parliament has proposed the creation of a new figure of authority to the Standing Committee as a way to efficiently deal with tourist complaints.

José Luis Chanito Toledo, Federal Deputy for Quintana Roo, says that to strengthen the tourism industry, an industry that generates a significant source of income for the country, it is necessary to give visitors a figure of authority to ensure quality service during their stay.

While at a meeting with the Standing Committee, the congressman proposed the creation of Tourism Ombudsperson, which would be responsible for reviewing and following up on complaints that are submitted by visitors.

He says that due to their short stay they cannot follow the standard procedure applicable in cases of deficiencies, non-compliance or violation of their rights by the tourism service. If created, this figure would be linked to the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco).

“Our nation has a vast tourism sector that needs to be improved with a thorough monitoring of the care they provide to visitors,” he explained. He feels Mexico should generate a legal framework to provide higher standards of quality.

He further explained that the proposal of Tourism Ombudsperson is a joint effort and that authorities should encourage industry investment in infrastructure while society promotes the culture of goods and services.

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