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New Texas state secretary vows better relationship with Mexico

After being sworn-in last weekend, Carlos Cascos is the new 110th Secretary of State of Texas.

“I want to thank Gov. Abbott for his appointment and Sen. Lucio for supporting my nomination,” said Cascos. “It is a privilege and an honor to serve the great State of Texas as Secretary of State.”

The American-Mexican, who, according to El Universal is from Matamoros, in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas and became a US citizen in his teens, says his goal is to strengthen the country’s relationship with Mexico.

As Secretary of State, some of Cascos many duties will include serving as Chief Electorial Officer and Chief International Protocol Officer. He is now in charge of organizing state elections as well as tending to border affairs and the relationship with Mexico.

“It’s an especially exciting time to become Secretary of State as Texas continues to lead the nation in economic growth and international trade,” said Cascos.

The elevated position also makes him senior adviser and liaison to the Governor for Texas border and Mexican affairs.

Secretary Cascos said he has already met with Mexican officials to help improve the Mexico-Texas border relationship as well as discuss international issues ranging from border security to the 1944 Water Treaty.

“Mexico is not just our largest trading partner,” Cascos said. “It’s our neighbor, our friend and our ally. We stand ready to work with our southern neighbor to strengthen our relationship and to ensure a prosperous region. We share not only a border but also cultures and customs.”


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