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New super tourism development by Xcaret planned

Riviera Maya, Q.R. – Grupo Experiencias Xcaret say they intend to begin Destino Xcaret as an innovative tourist development for Riviera Maya.

With the opening of Hotel Xcaret Mexico in December of this year, the company says their Destino Xcaret will mark the first phase of an innovative tourism development covering 370 hectares.

The project, which is led by Miguel Quintana Pali, is stipulated to be built over a 12-year-period and contemplates five stages of construction. Once complete, Destino Xcaret will consist of 6,000 rooms, a multifunctional stadium capable of accommodating 12,000 spectators, a convention center and a commercial and gastronomic center called Pueblo del Río.

“The Riviera Maya is the most powerful destination in Mexico. Together with Cancún it receives 70 percent of the tourists that arrive in the country, so it will be invested there,” explained Marcos Constandse Redcko, CEO of Experiencias Xcaret.

The first stage of this super-tourism development will be inaugurated in December of this year with Hotel Xcaret Mexico, which consists of 900 rooms, 11 restaurants and eight bars.

Grupo Experiencias Xcaret currently receives 3.5 million tourists per year.