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New street lamps added to Old Town Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — As part of the modernization of the Old Town of Puerto Morelos, new streetlights have been added to increase safety and the physical appearance for the seaside tourist town.

Puerto Morelos mayor, Laura Fernández Piña, says that the new lighting has been installed around the main park near the port, as well as new poles with the same LED lamps along avenues Javier Rojo Gómez and Rafael E. Melgar.

“We are talking about our tourist area which will have great lighting, which will become an attraction not only for tourists, but also for the local people since the beautiful lanterns will give a different view to the first picture of the Casco Antiguo,” she said.

She announced that the placement of the new street lamps is a project consisting of a total of 25 units with an attractive colonial-style design that will enhance the image and traditional concept of the town.

“All this work focuses on enhancing our tourism image, making our destination more attractive and attracting more visitors that generate benefits for all workers in the industry,” said Laura Fernández.

The Secretary of Public Works and Services, Ignacio Sanchez Cordero, said that as part of the commitments of the government of the Municipal President, they have installed a total of 170 LED-type streetlight systems in SM 01 and 02, including 24 new poles on Avenida Javier Rojo Gómez and 7 on Rafael Melgar Avenue.

The first phase of the Casco Antiguo modernization project, which included the removal of old overhead electrical lines for a modern underground system, has been completed by the Federal Electricity Commission with a 20 million peso investment.

The new street lamps are in addition to the modernization of the area.