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New stats show 13 million illegal firearms in Mexico

According to new statistics there are 15 million firearms in Mexico; nearly 13 million of them being illegal with approximately 2,000 more entering the country every day. This after an investigation from the Centre for Social Studies and Public Opinion of the Chamber of Deputies.

Based on figures and estimates of the United Nations and various other international organizations, El Financiero reports that in Mexico, more than half of the 120,000 homicides between 2007 and 2012 involved the use of firearms.

The study entitled Arms trafficking, environment, legislative proposals and public opinion notes that, according to expert estimates, every day 2,000 new weapons illegally enter Mexican territory, a total of 730,000 new illegal weapons per year.

Among the instruments of war, Milenio states  are M72 and AT4 anti-tank rockets, RPG7 rocket launchers , MGL caliber 37 mm grenade launcher, grenades and Barret rifles and .50 caliber weapons along with ‘new generation’ weapons such as the submachine gun and Belgian-made FN Herstal pistol capable of piercing armor, colloquially referred to as cop killers.

The report warns that the states with the highest percentage of crimes committed with firearms include the State of Mexico, Chihuahua, the Federal District, Guerrero, Morelos, Nuevo Leon and Sinaloa with proportions ranging from 46 to 70 percent in contrast with the national average of 50.2 percent.

According to the document, “Two out of three weapons involved in crime in Mexico have been lawfully produced or imported from the US; 40 percent of them come from Texas.”

Parliamentary researcher, José de Jesús González Rodríguez, notes that the transfer of weapons from the American Union has been a catalyst for the violence associated with drugs, with more than 60,000 dead since 2006 until now, according to unofficial estimates.

“The reasons for this are obvious, since in Mexico it’s almost impossible to legally buy a gun. But in the border states of the United States there are more than 8,000 gun dealers where Mexican drug cartels can easily acquire firearms by proxy or in so-called gun show details.”

The Centre for Social Studies and Public Opinion of the Chamber of Deputies cited an analysis by the University of San Diego, California, and Igarapé Institute of Brazil, estimating gains of $127 million a year trafficking firearms into Mexico.

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