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New Playa del Carmen public transportation stops for April

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The city of Playa del Carmen says a new location for the public transportation vehicles could be announced as soon as April.

The city says they are continuing to analyze and then modify other areas for the public buses and combi vans to stop in the city’s center.

Alberto Ramírez Borraz, Transportation Director explained, “To modify the direction of 25th Avenue between 8 and 12 streets, we have to have adjustments done by Transit. We thought that we would put the Tucsa buses there, but that would only affect roads at other points, so analyzes are still being done.”

He says that they are going to facilitate the transit in the downtown core with the installation of two terminals for combi vans, one of which will be located at the corner of 20th Avenue with 2nd Street. That corner will become the stop for the combis going to Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The stop on 25th Avenue will be for the vans providing transportation to Cancun.

The Tucsa buses will likely be moved to 14th Street between Avenues 20th and 25th, although this particular alternative is still being analyzed.

Ramírez Borraz added that the transportation unions are working with the municipal government, and that they expect the new stops to be in effect for April once the Easter holidays are over.

“We know that the central zone, the oldest part of the city, concentrates almost all the transport routes and we want to decentralize the service or at least redistribute the stops so that motorists can move with greater speed,” he said.

The plan to relocate the downtown public combi and bus services has been ongoing as the city attempts to alleviate central traffic congestion.