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New Norwegian Air Argentina flights announced from Córdoba to Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Norwegian Air Argentina is set to operate 153 national and international routes, of which the Ministry of Transport says 51 are new and include Cancun.

After an operational resolution hearing, Norwegian Air Argentina has been granted a total of 152 routes, of which 51 are “completely new”. Norwegian will incorporate new destinations, with flights that will depart from Córdoba, Salta and other airports in the interior.

While 20 of the new routes will include arrivals and destinations to various cities in Argentina, others added to the list include international cities including flights to the Cancun International Airport.

Passengers will soon be able to fly from Cordoba to Barcelona, Cancun, Fort de France (Martinique), Havana, Pointe a Pitre (Guadeloupe), Punta Cana and Salvador Bahia.

New departing flights will include Buenos Aires heading to Cape Town, Cancun, Cartagena de Indias, Chicago, Copenhagen, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Johannesburg, Kiev, Istanbul, Malaga, Milan, Moscow, Fort de France, Oslo, Paeete, Prague, Perth, Puerto Rico, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Washington and Zurich.

Last year, over 58,000 Argentinian travelers landed at the Cancun International Airport, a 30 percent increase over the previous year. Currently, only Argentine Air has a direct flight to Cancun.

The new Norwegian Air flights to and from Cancun are expected to begin within the next six months.