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New minimum wage increase set for 2016

Cancun, Q.R. – A  new minimum wage for the state of Quintana Roo has been set. Beginning 2016, an additional increase of 2.94 peso will be added to the current daily minimum wage setting the new limit to 73.04 peso per day.

President of the Comisión Nacional de los Salarios Mínimos (Conasami), Basilio González Núñez, made the announcement. He says the increase is 4 percent more than the last wage hike set for 2015.

After negotiations between the labor sector, employers and the government and taking into account the economic conditions for 2016, an increase of 2.94 peso was agreed upon.

Basilio González said that the amount  was made taking into consideration that inflation for 2016 will be around 2 percent, according to data released last week by the governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), Agustin Carstens.

Basilio González explained that the Council of Representatives estimated an increase by 4.2 percent in 2016 and estimated by Banxico inflation, will recover the purchasing power of 35,000 million full-time workers earning the minimum wage.

The president of the National Minimum Wage Commission said that the decision to establish the amounts for the general minimum wage professionals were unanimous.

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