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New mega-plaza approved for Cancun project

Cancun, Q.R. – A new mega plaza has been approved as part of the investment development of Puerto Cancun.

The Ministry of Ecology and Municipal Urban Development have given Grupo Mira the go-ahead to build a mega mall in the vicinity of Puerto Cancun. The new square will be named Town Center and will be part of the second stage of investment in Puerto Cancun that has been launched this year.

Grupo Mira says the new mall will cost around 800 million peso and focus on the market with high purchasing power. The mall will contain more than 50 new businesses and be part of the residential mega-hotel. Included brands in the new commercial property are Hollister, Gap, Banana Republic and Brooks Brother as well as the large restaurant chain, Suntory.

The company’s study project found great growth in the luxury market as well as a high demand for residential homes and commercial space. It is for these reasons the new Town Center shopping complex is generating great expectations among the major brands that have been corner spaces in many shopping malls around the country.

The shopping complex will be the last phase. Once complete, the entire project will cover 327 hectares and consist of two hotels, a large marina with a dining area and a nautical residential development. The project will also have a business center and business club with activities open to the general public.

The concept of Puerto Cancun is focused on the affluent market and has been included on Forbes list as one of the top five complexes in the country. Grupo Mira is hoping to have the mall open in the second half of 2016.

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