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New Maya Ka’an travel agency gives Cancun visitors chance to experience ancient living

Cancun, Q.R. — Visitors to Cancun now have more tourism choices with the opening of Caminos Sagrados, a travel company that specializes in offering authentic experiences of the ancient civilization in the Maya Ka’an region in the south of the state.

A total of eight community companies have partnered to create the new agency that promotes the southern region of Maya Ka’an with a range of professional events from history and adventure tours to sightseeing and hands-on activities all enhanced with traditional Maya food dishes.

Under the Maya Ka’an brand-destination, the Community Tourism Network of the Maya Zone launched its commercial name Caminos Sagrados, a sustainable tourism project for the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve to support community development and biodiversity conservation.

Damián Leonel Gómez Sol, president of the Community Tourism Network, explained that the agency is also expected to promote the other tourist destinations of Tulum, Felipe Carrillo Puerto and José María Morelos, such as Señor, Tihosuco, Chunhuhub and Punta Allen, among others.

“In community tourism everyone participates, craftsmen, producers, inhabitants, tenants, to give tourism what we live on a daily basis,” he explained. “It is a conjunction of forces to grant experiences.”

Each community offers different activities such as cabins, cenotes, lagoons, gastronomy, nature and other attractions that are mainly enjoyed by European tourism, who are more open to sustainability and culture.

Among the activities are learning about history from a 110-year-old grandfather and an opportunity to witness jungle boas hunting bats. It is a collaborative effort of the Mayan communities, government, national associations and international foundations to propose a new way of tourism.

The areas include the Mayan communities of Síijil, Balam Nah and Chunhuhub, three in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Kantemó in the municipality of José María Morelos Muyil, in Carrillo Puerto and Punta Allen in the municipality of Tulum.

It also includes Señor and Tihosuco, both in Carrillo Puerto with five communities that have the greatest influence area of Sacred Roads.

Gonzalo Merediz Alonso, executive director of the civil association Friends of Sian Ka’an explained  that the wise and respectful relationship of these groups with the biodiversity of their natural environment, coupled with the desire to develop their communities, provided what was necessary to organize, institutionalize, train, equip and launch their services to those who visit the state Quintana Roo.

The new travel agency partnership is the result of more then four years of work between all the communities and offers visitors to Cancun and Riviera Maya the opportunity to tour the southern Maya region of the state. The travel agency provides a range of professional events. Read more information about the Caminos Sagrados agency.