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New Kataplum amusement park planned for Mexico City

Iztapalapa, Mexico City — A new amusement park has been announced for the municipality of Iztapalapa in Mexico City.

Grupo Diniz officially presented the new park, Kataplum, that will have an investment of more than 500 million peso and a regular entrance fee of 20 peso.

The new amusement park by Grupo Diniz (controlling company of Recórcholis!) will have an area of more than 27,000 square meters with an estimated influx of 1.2 million annual visitors.

Kataplum will be located inside the Parque Las Antenas shopping center located in the east of Mexico City.

“We had an adjustment to the investment in recent months, closing at 550 million peso. We estimate that the access ticket has a price of 20 pesos, however, each game will have a different price,” explained Antonio Quevedo, executive president of the Group.

He added that prices will vary depending on the day and the influx of people. Days with the highest number of visitors, the price will go up and in those with the lowest, it will go down.

The amusement park brand Kataplum would represent up to 50 percent of the total revenues for Grupo Diniz who also control the premises of ¡Recórcholis!.

According to Antonio Quevedo, this growth will be driven by the potential influx of the new amusement park in addition to the opening of at least one more Kataplum park that he says, is planned for a central state, not wanting to reveal which one.

“We see in this model an important model to grow and we hope that by 2021, the amusement park model represents 50 percent of the company’s total revenues,” said Quevedo.

Elías Mizrahi, finance director of Fibra Danhos, mentioned that it is expected that both the shopping center and the park will start operations in the first weeks of July of 2018, in time for the summer holidays.

Approximately 40 percent of the amusement park will be roofed to protect visitors from the weather, and will have a separate parking to Plaza Las Antenas Park.

There will be 13 food kiosks, two casual dinning restaurants, a cafeteria and an auditorium with capacity for 60 people, among other amenities.