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New international medical school opens in Mexico City to meet growing demands

Mexico City, Mexico – St. Luke Medical School of Alliant International University announced Thursday the opening of its new Mexico City campus.

The prestigious medical school will open its doors in August 2015 in response to the growing demand for trained medical professionals in Mexico.

The medical school, accredited by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), will have room for about 100 students, which will form its inaugural class.

As part of the education at Alliant International, university students will have access to educational exchanges in the US as well as Mexico. They will also have access to residency programs with a network of international hospitals as well as employment opportunities in the health care field.

“The main objective of St. Luke is training doctors committed to the complex demands of modern health service delivery, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation,” said Ricardo Phillips, Arist Education System’s CEO for Latin America.

“In order to keep pace with global innovations in health and human sciences, higher education will need to expand options and access to medical training. St Luke’s partnership with UNAM will provide an outstanding medical education and equip aspiring practitioners with the skills needed to pursue careers in growing health and human sciences fields.”

St. Luke Medical School will award a professional degree in general surgery through the UNAM School of Medicine, which is seen as the gold standard for medical education in Mexico. Students will also learn from UNAM faculty and be offered opportunities to participate in collaborative research projects with UNAM and other teaching hospitals and research institutions.

The new medical university intends to keep class room sizes to 30, allowing personalized instruction. Faculty will focus on multidisciplinary instruction and bilingual training for students. The medical school’s facilities showcase the latest in health care technologies including fully-equipped laboratories designed to help students in the development of clinical practices as well as other essential health care skills. Classes begin August 31.

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