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New interim attorney general for state as Pech Cen resigns

Chetumel, Q.R. — A new Attorney General for the state of Quintana Roo has been announced after the resignation of Miguel Angel Pech Cen.

In a press conference, Governor Carlos Joaquín González made the announcement of a new interim attorney general, Gustavo Salas Salgado, to replace the current, Miguel Angel Pech Cen.

Gustavo Salas Salgado is a law graduate from UNAM with more than 50 years of experience in the legal field and is a member of the Bar Association of Quintana Roo. He has also been attorney general in various other states including Mexico City.

Joaquín González explained that it was necessary to appoint an interim prosecutor until the appointment of the next prosecutor. The news came after the announcement of the resignation of Miguel Angel Pech Cen who has held the position for Quintana Roo for one year and eight months.

Miguel Angel Pech Cen made the announcement Thursday, stating Sunday will be his last day as acting attorney general. “My resignation begins to take effect at the first minute of Monday’s dawn,” he explained.

Pech Cen did not attend the press conference announcing the new interim. His resignation comes after months of protests as criminal figures continue to increase with few being resolved.