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New infrastructure for Route of Cenotes

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — New infrastructure is being planned to help improve access to Route of Cenotes.

Puerto Morelos mayor, Laura Fernández Piña, met with the undersecretary of infrastructure of the Communications and Transportation Secretariat (SCT), Oscar Raúl Callejo Silva, with the goal of improving access to Route of Cenotes.

The meeting included a management of the resources needed to improve the road structure that would help generate more interest and traffic to that region. Callejo Silva noted that it would cost approximately 3.5 million peso to open an entrance to the area for vehicles coming down the bridge in the direction of the Riviera Maya.

“This project will help us to have more visitors in the eco-tourism parks, hotels, cabins and the cenotes -as well as the communities of Central Vallarta and Leona Vicario,” he said.

Laura Fernández explained that the project includes the necessary signage for those who do not know how to enter that area of the municipality. She also said that for 2019, the Federal Expenditures Budget (PEF) would include improving access to other attractions such as Croco Cún and Bahia Petempich.

“It is still not something that is concrete, but we are going to have a 70 percent chance next year,” she said.