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New IFT reform sees elimination of long distance fees inside Mexico

Effective January 1, 2015, long distance rates inside Mexico will disappear. This move follows a telecommunications reform from the rules adopted by the Federal Institute of Technology (IFT).

The new reform means that starting January, all domestic calls inside Mexico will be considered as one local service area, so all calls that start and finish inside the country will be considered a local call.

This of course, does not include calls outside the country. Customers with international long distance packages will continue to have these rates applied to the monthly phone bill.

The goal of the new reform is to eventually incorporate 10-digit dialing across the country. If successful, this will allow Mexican residents to make direct calls with one 10-digit number, simplifying the use of 01 and 02 for landlines and 044 and 045 for mobile phones.

Any domestic calls made inside Mexico prior to January 1 – calls that would be deemed as long distance – will be billed at the previous rates and will be reflected on your January 2015 phone bill or prepaid balance as they are charges from December 2014.

Consumers who experience long distance charges on their February bill – for January use – will need to contact IFT for correction. Consumers who use prepaid services should not experience any issues.

The IFT recommends that you check your bills or balances in 2014 to identify how much was charged for local calls and domestic long distance calls.


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