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New hotel for Playa Delfines area of Cancun Hotel Zone

Cancun, Q.R. — The construction of a new hotel at kilometer 19.5 of the Cancun Hotel Zone begins as the upcoming Gran Solaris Cancun hotel project gets underway.

Work for the upcoming hotel began nearly two weeks ago, raising concerns for many since the grounds of the new project will see the removal of one of the state’s last coastal dunes as well as turtle nesting sites.

However, Javier Zubirán Padilla, head of the Ministry of Ecology and Urban Development (SEDU) of Benito Juárez, says the hotel has all the necessary permits, including an approved Environmental Impact Statement.

“This property has all the permits, is within the PDU land use and has everything with respect to the law. They do not have any problems.

“They are delimiting the property to later clear the land and are fully entitled to make use of their ground,” he explained adding, “They already have a building license.”

He denied that the property is part of Playa Delfines saying, “No, it’s not part of Playa Delfines. Those land the owners have had it for a long time, it’s not a property they just bought. They’ve had it for a long time and now they decided to develop it,” he said.

Javier Zubirán rejected the notion that this lot is owned by Bi and Di and said that the company has land on the other side of Boulevard Kukulcán in the lagoon area, which is also at kilometer 19.5.

“The land of Bi and Di is located on the other side of Boulevard Kukulcán and this land belongs to other owners,” he said.

The hotel will be constructed on an area of over 18,800 square meters with 14 levels and 449 rooms with an investment of over $90 million USD and will be an all-inclusive concept.

The Gran Solaris is being constructed next to the Playa Delfines beach in the Cancun Hotel Zone. There was no word on an anticipated completion date.