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New gas pipeline for Cancun likely to affect every corner of city

Cancun, Q.R. — A new gas pipeline system for the city of Cancun will likely affect every corner, however, a start date has not yet been announced.

Armando Lara de Nigris, secretary of Ecology and Urban Development for Benito Juarez explained that with the approval of the new gas pipeline, nearly every corner of Cancun will be affected, however, the most affected will be Avenue Colosio and the Cancun Hotel Zone.

He explained that these two areas will register the most road conflicts due to the introduction of the new gas pipeline.

The information for the technical project is in the hands of city council. He says that the company promoting the project has not yet given a start date, but according to information, will cover nearly the entire city of Cancun.

Gas Natural México has been given federal authorization for the operation while city council continues with analysis and observations in the placement of the new lines. Lara de Nigris says while some sections will go through the service berm, others will receive damage where deep excavations will be necessary, such as in the hotel zone and along Avenue Colosio.

He noted that city council will establish a series of conditions so damage, such as roadway scaring, is avoided as much as possible. Once a start-date is announced, they will coordinate with public services to announce the work publicly.

Lara de Nigris added that this gas pipeline project has no connection with the networks that are to be installed in other cities such as Playa del Carmen.

“What I reviewed is not interconnected. It is an independent network for Benito Juárez and has nothing to do with what may be done in other municipalities. It is independent of any other,” said Lara de Nigris.