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New garbage collection fee proposal for Tulum sent for approval

Tulum, Q.R. — A new proposal for the collection of garbage for Tulum business sectors has been sent to State Congress for analysis and approval.

The new garbage collection proposal would see fees applied to Tulum businesses such as supermarkets and hotels, with the highest fees being reserved for tourist areas. Fees will range by sector and be applied at 1.22 peso per kilo.

If approved, businesses such as lodging centers will have to submit the amount of rooms they have, since the new fee structure for hotels will be influenced by the amount of rooms.

In a document submitted November 28, it outlines the initiative of decree of the municipality will be to provide better services to the citizenship in the matter of collection, transportation, treatment and final destination of the garbage or solid waste and other services.

The document points out that with this, the collection of rights for 2018 for the provision of services could reach the sum of 14.6 million peso, a figure that is contemplated in the Income Law approved days before taken to congress. If approved, businesses would pay their garbage collection fees (calculated by monthly averages) when they renew their licenses.

In the report, municipal treasurer Santiago Cauich Pech said that this figure of 14.6 million peso represents only an approximate increase of about 3 percent with respect to income for this year. The income law for the fiscal year 2017 was a fixed income of 12.2 million peso.

The fee structure for garbage collection wpuld apply to approximately 110 sectors throughout Tulum in both urban and tourist areas and include not only hotels, but also tour companies, food vendors, markets, shops and restaurants.

If approved and garbage is charged by the kilo, the the General Directorate of Works and Public services and / or the company that is authorized for the garbage collection, will be responsible for calculating the monthly amount to be paid.

The director of municipal Ecology, Francisco Chan Chablé, stressed that the collection of fees and the destination of these revenues correspond only to the municipal treasury. He said that within his competence, together with the Solid Waste Committee, a work plan is not yet approved but will resume in January when the sessions resume to address the issue of separation of waste.