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New fiber optics network laid between Cancun, Chetumal

Cancun, Q.R. — A new fiber optics network being laid between Cancun and Chetumal is expected to improve connectivity between two of the state’s largest and busiest cities.

Director of the Quintanarroense Institute of Innovation and Technology, Marco Bravo says that in April, the new fiber optic lines between the two major cities will be inaugurated. The new equipment is partially a private investment and partially state government.

Bravo says that up until now, the fiber optic lines used ran through the power lines of CFE which generated a lot of instability in the network. However, the new network, he explains, will be underground with a capacity of more than 500 terabytes per second.

He explained that the new network is made up of 96 percent fiber optic cables which are subdivided into six lambdas, each with the capacity to transmit 1 terabyte of information per second.

Marco Bravo says that more information will be released by the state governor during the April inauguration, adding that this will be an important update regarding network connectivity for the state.