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New fertility medical advancements to make Cancun world leader

Cancun, Q.R. — Medical advancements in assisted reproduction has doctors hoping to make Cancun a world leader.

The Center for Assisted Reproduction, led by Dr. Masashige Kuwayama at the Advanced Fertility Center Cancun (AFCC), says they are hoping to make Cancun a world leader in new techniques of assisted reproduction.

The growth of the Center’s techniques in the AFCC will bring great benefits in terms of health and economic benefits to Cancún considering that it strengthens medical tourism, since foreign patients who arrive for assisted fertility treatment stay for two to six weeks in Cancun.

He says that in addition to the extended stay, the procedures in Cancun cost up to 60 percent less than those in the United States.

The Advanced Fertility Center Cancun is working with travel agencies including Best Day, My Medical Vacation and other agencies with experience in medical tourism to ensure patients receive the best care after their treatment.

Dr. José Gaytán Melicoff, general director of AFCC stated that, “Cancun has the best reproduction center in the world with doctors who have literally changed reproductive medicine with their inventions and their novel techniques.”

The Repro-Support Medical Research Center, a research laboratory that creates new assisted reproduction techniques, was integrated into this project and, he said, will leave Cancun to the rest of the world.

Dr. Masashige Kuwayama, considered the father of vitrification and creator of the Cryotech method, said he loves Mexico and has announced free ovarian tissue cryopreservation services to all Mexican women who have been diagnosed with cancer.

This project also includes other renowned doctors such as Gabriel Dalvit from Argentine, Dr. Sergey Yakovenko who complected research in centers in Italy and the United States and Dr. Luis Ruvalcaba of Guadalajara who specializes in uterine transplantation.