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New federal police office for Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The new federal police building was inaugurated for the city of Playa del Carmen giving citizens a permanent federal police presence.

“We urge citizens and police forces to continue working to recover our city and our municipality, because there is a lot to do in terms of security, but we must move forward. It is the only way to combat violence,” said the President Municipal de Solidaridad, Cristina Torres Gómez during the inauguration of the operational base of the Federal Police in Playa del Carmen.

In the event, which was headed by State Governor Carlos Joaquín González and the State Coordinator of the Federal Police of Quintana Roo, Commissioner Selene Nava Gutiérrez, announced the opening of the new federal police office.

“Public safety is a prerequisite for work, education and progress-oriented activities, so it is the duty of the authorities to preserve it. In Solidarity, this subject acquires great importance also for being a destination visited by millions of foreign and national tourists which is why we are happy to have the presence of the Federal Police,” the governor said.

State Police Coordinator of the Federal Police in Quintana Roo, Commissioner Selene Nava Gutiérrez, welcomed the fact that the Federal Police now has a new base of operations after Solidaridad City Council invested fiscal resources toward construction of the building.

“I thank the Cristina Cristina Gomez, his cabinet and the hoteliers because they made this office possible. The Federal Police is committed to redouble our efforts for the good of the people of Solidarity because we are sure that together, the municipality, the State and the Federation, we will be able to strengthen the security and protection of the human rights of the population. We will not give in to the challenges or obstacles, “ she explained.

This week, the city was also presented with 31 new fully-equipped police trucks as well as 10 new motorcycles.