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New ecology commission in place for Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A newly developed commission of ecology has been put together for the municipality of Puerto Morelos.

Municipal president Laura Fernández Piña headed the new commission, in what she says, is a way to carry out strategies in favor of environmental protection for Puerto Morelos and the rest of the municipality.

The new commission includes the participation of environmentalists, non-governmental associations and municipal agencies as well as local citizens. Undersecretary of Ecology and Environment of the State Government, Graciela Saldaña Fraire said, “This commission is one of the most important because of the objective we have to aspire to be a sustainable municipality. We will work so that, as a team, we achieve this sustainability in Puerto Morelos, Leona Vicario and Central Vallarta.”

With the new commission in place, the first order of work has already been set in motion with the new team addressing municipality issues such as the rescue of the mangrove system, sealed septic tanks and separation of garbage.

“It is a job that we have to do together to be able to care and not pollute our environment,” Fernández Piña said.

In order to promote Puerto Morelos as a sustainable community, Laura Fernández explained that in the coming days, they will begin to work on the monitoring of treatment plants of hotels ensuring they fully adhere to the Municipal Regulation of Ecology.

The Director General of Ecology, María Guadalupe Alcántara Mas, explained that the commission is divided into three committee, which include the Committee for Environmental Education and Dissemination for the Protection of Natural Resources, which is divided into the Subcommittee on Green Areas and Reforestation and the Subcommittee on Solid Waste Management.

The second is the Municipal Committee for the Protection of Sea Turtles, while the third is the Legal Technical Committee for the Update of the Municipal Environmental Regulations.

Other tasks on the agenda include a newly signed agreement between  City Council and the Friends of Sian Ka’an foundation to carry out joint actions in favor of natural resources including the correct use of water and treatment.


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