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New city administration cracks down on billboard usage

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — More than 200 billboards have been removed from Playa del Carmen streets after the new administration closes structures that were once permitted.

Under the new administration, nearly 220 advertising billboards are being removed from around various parts of the city, saying the structures were installed in places permitted by the previous administration.

CEO of Environmental Planning and Urban Development, William Conrado Alarcón, says that the large sign removals involve mostly problematic areas including the federal highway and key avenues.

Noting that the overload of advertising also takes away from the urban image, Conrado Alarcón added that “Eight of the billboards were in pedestrian areas, that is, on the sidewalks, so we met with 10 of the owners to reach agreements and warn that some of the structures will be relocated while others will definitely disappear.”

The city official explained that the new government does not allow that level of advertising in the city. He also said that even with the previous administration, permission for those ads were only given for one year.

“Several of the signs that remain will have to make a new design in their structures that do not harm the urban image of Playa del Carmen. We found that one person, a company, has 103 approved advertisement placements by the previous administration. Obviously they’re no longer going to have a chance to install them.”

He added that the city will continue with their Urban Development operation, placing closed seals around billboards and applying fines of 1,500 peso to advertisers that do not comply.

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