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New Cancun, Riviera Maya metro bus system to begin this year

Cancun, Q.R. — To meet the growing transportation demand between Cancun and Riviera Maya, officials say they will launch a metro bus to cover the route.

Francisco Palma Leal of the Board of Directors of Autocar, announced that the new service will start operating this year and will cover Cancun to Tulum in order to meet the demand of people and reduce car use for those who work in Riviera Maya.

The metro bus will be an initial investment of 250 million peso and be a combined project between companies Turicún, Autocar, Maya Caribe and Cooperativa Bonfil. Palma Leal says the metro bus fleet, which will be stationed in Cancun and Tulum, will accommodate about 50,000 passengers per day.

He explained that some routes, for example, will depart from centro Cancun and pass through the Cancun Hotel Zone before exiting via the Cancun International Airport and traveling toward Tulum. Stops will be made in Riviera Maya towns along the 104 kilometer route.

During their meeting, directors of metro bus say that each unit will between 16 to 18 meters in length and have a 160-person capacity that offers internet, comfortable seating and affordable service for both locals and tourists.

They also report that the buses run on natural gas and meet the Friendly Vehicle Advanced Environment standard, which reduces emissions.

“The four companies are applying an initial investment of 250 million peso with the goal of gradually growing this new project that seeks to complement the transportation options of Cancun and Riviera Maya with an efficient quality service that decreases transfer times. It also generates more sources of employment for the population of about 1,500 jobs,” said Francisco Palma.

The possibility of the metro bus system was announced last week. There is no mention of an exact operating date.