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New business concept of organic farming in Quintana Roo

Cancun, Q.R. – Organic farming is finally making its way to the region as a new niche arises.

Director of the Association Green Leaves, Sheila Larissa Collado Alfaro, has started a productive investment business based on organic agriculture. She explained that the concept is based around creating a company that owns land by each of its partners and grows organic produce.

Each partner of the company receives a specific amount of produce while the surplus is sold. “If there are profits at the end of the season, they are distributed among the partners,” said Collado Alfaro.

Sheila Larissa Collado Alfaro is a member of the organizing committee of the III International Diploma in Organic Farming: Permaculture, Soil Microbiology Chromatography, which will be holding a session at the University of the Caribbean from September 21 to 30, 2015.

“Anyone wishing to become a member can buy company stock. In doing so, it supports the development of the community, helps regenerate the land and will share in the potential economic gains with other partners,” she explained.

She adds that the only people accepted to be partners are those that live within a 200 km radius of the farm. “This way, we can ensure the entire model is maintained locally.” She also says that one of the criteria is that the farm never has a mortgage or long-term financial burden, and always remains free of payments.

The goal is for the farm to exceed the standards set out for the operation. To have experts who support the development of each of the plots of land with watering, harvesting and land conservation of beneficial soil microorganisms as well as the preparation of composts and integration of animals in the process.

“We are talking about a certified organic producer that has it’s processes audited by external services farm to farm,” she said.

She feels that this type of farming is a necessity, in that “we all need a local producer of organic food because of the worldwide ecological crisis we’re facing.”

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